Monday, August 16, 2010

louisville II

one night we went downtown with some friends we met for a charity event. they had a bbq and live music. then when the sun went down they were going to play a movie on the side of the building. it was a nice night until it started pouring rain. i mean POURING! we waited for about 10 minutes hoping it would clear up. we ended up leaving and missing the movie. it was still a night to remember.

Louisville Slugger Museum.


sachia said...

Yay...I have been waiting! Let's hear it for the slacker bloggers (I am the biggest slacker of all)finally throwing us a post. I love it, thank you. The girls are getting so big!!! Oh, I miss them...tell them hi! I wonder if Sydney even remembers me anymore. Tear.

Ben N Nessa said...

LOVE all of your pictures! You have the cutest family ever :) Are you coming back to UT since summer is over???